This new Indian mead gives you a little something sweet from the Sahyadris


From ancient Greece, China and Africa to present-day Europe and Russia, from Norse mythology to Greek mythology, mead has a the story which dates back to 3000 BCE. Despite this, it is only in recent years that the fermented honey drink, considered one of the oldest alcoholic libations in the world, has started to take center stage. Closer to home, there’s a brand new mead in town that packs all that history with a splash of flavor for drinkers in some states.

From the makers of Fruzzanté, a range of sparkling and fruity alcoholic drinks, comes Arkä. This premium mead is named after the Sanskrit word for “extract”. With honey locally extracted from Sahyadris at its base, the drink comes in three flavors. Arkä Honey, a luscious dessert mead, is made with wildflower honey found in the forests of the Sahyadri Ranges. Arkä Rose carries the delicate scent of red tea roses and Arkä Jamun uses the underrated berry of Indian estates to create a velvety mead.

Arkä honey with special sustainable cork

The Rose Arka

Founders Priyanka Save and Nagesh Pai started Fruzzanté as an ode to the fruit plantations and horticulture of their hometown of Bordi village in Palghar district of Maharashtra. At Arkä, too, the emphasis on the environment remains in the foreground. The ingredients for the meads are locally sourced, with the larger goal of always sourcing directly so that farmers can be paid.

Even the packaging highlights the emphasis on sustainability. When opening a bottle of Arkä, be aware that the cap has been made with renewable plant polymers derived from sugar cane. This, along with the eco-certified outer packaging made with discarded wood parts, makes your consumption experience more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Arkä is currently available in Maharashtra and will soon launch in Goa and Karnataka. Price: from Rs1 050 for a 375 ml bottle.

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