The number of 2021 cases is increasing rapidly


The Missoula County District Attorney’s Office charged 15 new felony complaints this week, six fewer than last week. Prior to this week, the number of cases had increased four weeks in a row. At the rate we’re going, County District Attorney Kirsten Pabst has said we’ll likely eclipse last year’s total by the end of this month.

“Five of the crimes we charged this week were violent crimes against people and three of them were interpersonal violence,” Pabst said. “In one, we charged with intimidation, strangulation and three counts of PFMA. In this case, the defendant allegedly severely assaulted the victim while she was holding a baby in her arms. In another case, the accused allegedly slapped his girlfriend repeatedly during an argument, leaving multiple injuries. When the police arrived, he was also combative with the police. “

Pabst said his office also indicted another bullying case involving criminal trespassing.

“In this case, the accused allegedly threatened to kill a mental health worker if she ever returned to a client’s home,” Pabst said. “We charged a second criminal harassment offense. The allegation is that the victim was the ex of the girlfriend’s new partner. There was a DUI felony that we charged as well as a few criminal endangerment cases involving chases across town at dangerous speeds.

Additionally, Pabst said there were a handful of cases of theft.

“In one of them, the accused allegedly stole a vehicle, took it to a casino, then to Walmart, and used the victim’s credit and debit cards along the way,” he said. declared Pabst. “Finally, in the drug category, we indicted three new criminal drug cases. All of them involved methamphetamine and one of them also involved heroin. A third concerned the allegation that the drugs were being prepared for sale in salable quantities. We charged with criminal possession with intent to distribute.

In this particular case, Pabst said there was a significant amount of methamphetamine. You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:

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