Pennsylvania State Police Report Operation Nighthawk DUI Patrol Results in 56 Drunk Driving Arrests


Pennsylvania State Police announced the results of an operation known as Operation Nighthawk on September 27.

Operation Nighthawk is a DUI enforcement initiative in Erie County.

More than 110 state soldiers and municipal police attended the two-night event on the night of September 24 and 25.

Here are the results according to the Pennsylvania State Police:

  • Drunk driving arrests: 57
  • Quotes for speeding: 7
  • Driving under suspension: 30
  • Driving under suspension related to DUI: 5
  • Seat belt quotes: 21
  • Other traffic quotes: 194
  • Other criminal citations: 8
  • Other arrests for misdemeanors: 41
  • Other felony arrests: 1
  • Warnings issued: 556

During this operation, two handguns were confiscated at traffic controls. A lawsuit resulted in a DUI arrest.

Participating law enforcement agencies included Pennsylvania State Police Troops B, C, D, E, G, Titusville PD, Warren PD, Conneaut Lake Regional PD, Edinboro PD, Erie County Detective Bureau, Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Erie City PD, Girard Borough PD, Lake City Borough PD, Lawrence Park Borough PD, Millcreek Township PD, North East PD, Oil City PD, Penn State University Police, Union City PD, Wesleyville PD, West Mead Township PD , Youngsville Borough PD.

The penalties for a drinking and driving conviction in Pennsylvania are based on several factors, including an individual’s criminal history, blood alcohol level, and whether there has been any personal injury or property damage.

The potential consequences include thousands of dollars in fines, license suspension and jail time.

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