Michigan’s Best Local Dishes: Taste Michigan Honey, Apples in Mead, Ciders at Bløm Meadworks


ANN ARBOR, MI – Bløm Meadworks wants you to discover Michigan.

Opened in 2018 by co-owners Lauren Bloom and Matt Ritchey, Bløm Meadworks brews and serves a variety of meads and ciders, made with Michigan honey, apples and other ingredients.

Traditional mead, a type of honey wine, is close to a dessert wine and has a high alcohol content, Bloom said. Bløm makes “session” meads, which are carbonated and have a lower alcohol content.

“They drink almost like dry cider,” she said.

Session drinks, a term also used by craft brewers, are meant to be enjoyed over a longer period of time.

The couple opened Bløm after Ritchey, who founded a brewery in Chicago, learned he had a gluten allergy. Mead and ciders are naturally gluten-free and Bløm makes sure that everything served on site, like its cheese plate, is also gluten-free. Pop-ups that occasionally bring in items with gluten are prepackaged and labeled.

Incorporating Michigan ingredients is important to Bløm, Bloom said.

“There is so much biodiversity here in this state,” she said.

Offerings include Standard Mead, Strawberry Basil Mead, Blackcurrant Mead, Rhubarb Mead, and Pear-Ginger Cider. Customers can also purchase cans, growlers, and howlers of their choice.

“Michigan just has a real bounty of honey and apples,” Bloom said.


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