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It is Columnist Chris Foste is a bearded beer fanatic whose frothy glass of knowledge overflows with wisdom upon the mooring of his whistle.

An old German proverb says that there is wisdom in wine, strength in beer, and love in mead. Ok, maybe the mead part isn’t actually in the proverb, but it should be.

Just as old, if not older than beer and wine, mead is simply fermented honey water. A basic mead uses only three ingredients – honey, water, and yeast – to produce a drink with a similar degree of alcohol to wine.

However, mead can also be brewed into incredibly complex drinks using different combinations of spices, fruits, herbs or even in addition to wine and beer. Where to find a good mead in China? Well let me introduce you Mead Hoop & Horn.

Hoop & Horn Mead arrives in China with a smooth, sweet flavor inspired by historical tastes and influenced by modern trends. Hoop & Horn’s Gold Horn Mead uses raw lychee honey directly from local bees, which supports local farms and the ecosystem as a whole.

Bees are good for the environment because they pollinate thousands of flowers every day, and Hoop & Horn wants to perpetuate a strong and healthy natural world.


Shameless Self-Promotion Alert: Hoop & Horn Mead Is Brewed By Your Humble This is the one in Shanghai beer columnist – me, Chris Fosté. The story of Hoop & Horn began a long time ago during my time in South Korea.

As a birthday present, a local friend gave me an unnecessarily large jar of honey. Having no conceivable idea on how to consume so much honey, my local brewing community recommended that I not eat it, but rather ferment it!

Almost 10 years ago, this first batch of blueberry mead was born, and with it the dream of starting a mead was born.


Mead has a very colorful history across the world – the Vikings drank it for courage, the Romans drank it for creativity, and medieval England associated it with their whimsical feasts – and now Hoop & Horn is bringing this style back. coveted mainstream honey wine.


Well drunk on ice or mixed with cocktails, Hoop & Horn Mead can be found in various places in Shanghai. Get your taste of sweet honey mead at Alimentari, where you can pair honey wine with a nice set of cold cuts and cheeses. Or, if you want alcohol delivered to your doorstep, simply order a bottle through XO bottles.


Be sure to check out the growing number of bars and restaurants offering mead, including Perche, J. Boroski, Mezcaleria, Mikkeller, The smokehouse and Beer barrel, among others.

And if you want to know more about mead, click on the link below:

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To learn more about Hoop & Horn Mead, scan the QR code below to follow their official WeChat account:


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