Here’s why fruit shouldn’t be eaten with meals, Ayurvedic experts explain

Fruits are considered an important part of a healthy diet because they reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. From fruit salads to custards, we try to include them in our diet in one way or another. However, this is not a healthy practice, according to Ayurvedic experts. They advise people to avoid having fruit with their meal and after eating as it can lead to the formation of toxins in the body which are considered toxic to humans. Ayurvedic experts advise people to eat fruits on their own and avoid them with or after meals.

According to Ayurvedic experts, fresh fruits are easier to digest than other foods. However, fruits can produce toxins when left in the stomach longer than necessary.

Explained the reason why fruits should be avoided with meals and after eating, Dr Dixa Bhavsar said that fresh fruits are considered light and easy to digest compared to other foods.

“When eaten with (or after) heavier foods, it stays in the stomach for as long as it takes for the heaviest foods to be digested. As a result, it usually stays in the stomach for too long, gets ‘overcooked’ by our digestive juices, and begins to ferment (think a bucket of ripe fruit sitting in the sun), ”she told The Hindustan Times.

She said fermentation leads to the creation of toxins which lead to digestive upsets. According to her, the fermented disorder in Ayurveda is called “Ama” which is basically poorly digested food toxins.

Dr Bhavsar explained that these toxins accumulate in the digestive tract and therefore affect digestion and lead to indigestion, food sensitivities and intestinal inflammation.

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