Heilung launches its own mead and beer


Neo-folk proggers Heilung have announced the launch of their own line of mead and beer.

The beer, named Alu and mead named Mjøðr, was created by (award-winning) Dutch craft beer expert Nevel and famous Danish mead Mjødgård Bryggeri, and is sold by the beer, wine rock band and Spirits Of Rock spirits. .

“It’s party time,” said the group. “We wish you all a pleasant fall equinox, the time we reap what we have sown and enjoy the bounty of the harvest. This year we have a special kind of harvest to share with you: our very first lot to us Alu and Mjøðr. We have always loved the idea of ​​creating a beer and mead, and thanks to our dear collaborators at Doomstar Bookings, it all started this year.

“The choice of breweries fell on one of the oldest Danish mead breweries Mjødgård and the well-known Dutch beer brewers Nevel Wild Ales. Please note: this is by no means a good product. market and mass produced with a group logo on the top, this is something that we have been developing to our liking for quite some time and that we have devoted all of our love to, as with everything we do. Skåååååål! “

At the same time, to celebrate this collaboration, Season of Mist and Heilung have created special and extremely limited “mead cups”, available in three different colors. You can see the mugs, mead, and beer below.

Get mead / beer.

Get cups of mead.


(Image credit: press)


(Image credit: press)

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